Consider the outfits of the stars on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival, especially because there is something to discuss.

Lily-rose Depp in Chanel
By themselves, the outfit and hairstyle is very successful. Only, alas, not in the Annex to this girl. The makeup turned out too rough for such a delicate image and adds age and the “gravity” of the face. Against this background, the hair does not seem “carefree tousled” and causes quite other associations. Delicate and light dress in Greek style looks completely out of place in the end. Overall, I think the unfortunate image that is the fault of the makeup in the first place. With such dramatic eyes, smoky eye could be generally low.

Victoria Bonia
This dress is praised by many publications. In General, it is understandable why: most of the outfits Boni — really a good thing. But the fit of the dress leaves much to be desired. Pay attention to the waistline that the waistline adorns some reason. I think it was because the waist was above where it should be. And wider. In the end, the silhouette of the top of some rectangular left. No finesse. Even if the reason is the figure of the girl, it would be possible to create the desired visual effect, a little down the line taliei placing on the bodice tapering Darts. And the lace is beautiful, Yes. Only does not save.

Susan Sarandon
In this photo I want to consider a separate head and a body in a dress. It seems to me as if they are from different situations. Messy hair plus here is just such a sunglasses, very cool in almost all situations and in all combinations. Except, perhaps, a velvet dress with a dazzling neckline. As for the dress, of course, respect Alberta Feretti: very correctly calibrated proportions.

Uma Thurman
For me it was definitely the best way. Even to say do not want

Hailey Baldwin
To fail to choose top dresses to facial features — it is also necessary to work hard. The face looks too rectangular and elongated. If all the dress was just straight — this effect would not be. But we have peplum, which takes the attention and “cuts” the image, dividing it into separate top and bottom. The peplum waist is too wide and it makes the top disproportionately short. Against this background, the facial features look larger and as it stretched down.

Eva Herzigova
The image in the best traditions of the Golden age of Hollywood: on the red carpet the blonde in the gold dress. All beautifully, accurately, expensive. But somehow it seems that I get bored.

, Clotilde KURO
I don’t know why designers make pockets like tulle dresses. But even more I wonder why stars use these pockets when photographed on the red carpet. Or is it not pockets at all, and attempt to hide in the folds of her dress my hands because they have nowhere to go? In any case it looks strange

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