Sorry, but I still continue the holiday theme. It and is clear: lying on the beach — hard to think of something else. So, I was (and yet is) polosaty beach bag, which a few years served me faithfully. But something tells me that this summer is the last in her life. And we need to find a replacement. What I decided to do. But at the same time share with you the findings on this topic: interesting bags that I found on the website Zaful.

1. Bag faux straw with flower (from here)

2.Two-tone tote stripe (here)

3. Bag with a print of butterflies (from here)

4. Bag with pink flamingos (from here)

5. Woven bag with lining in stripe (here)

6. Motley bag (here)

But Zaful website is action Zaful white and red dress Summer 2017 Promotion and code ZafulChen you will get discounts and all sorts of pleasantness.

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