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Adidas Superstar Star Wars: the collaboration on the dark side

Adidas Originals decided to go to the dark side and released the result of cooperation of the company and trademark Star Wars. Collaborations with artists of the Star wars universe always cause loud resonance, especially when it comes to Superstar sneakers, which are the perfect canvas for the artist. The classical model of Adidas Originals originating from the 1980’s was perfect for that to appear in the classic colors of Star Wars — white and black. But, in a new collaboration appeared also allusions to other characters, in particular R2D2 and C-3PO.

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The 10 best technological projects of our time

However loud and significant nor were the discoveries of scientists in diverse fields, for the average person will matter is how they can change to improve his life. Such as a flat screen TV, induction furnaces, augmented reality glasses and the way a large part of the civilized society measures the level of progress happening outside their field of vision. Today we bring you 10 of the most interesting and challenging technology projects and phenomena of recent years, which clearly demonstrate that science is not static.

  • The card reader The Square

    Technology with this prescribedin essence title of the invention allows each owner of a smartphone with Internet and a special reader to pay by credit card in one movement. Instead of tedious driving data and the entire verification process will just need to swipe the magnetic strip as you would in the supermarket. Convenient? How!

  • One-wheeled motorcycle from The UNO

    Fans to start the car at the traffic lights on the rear wheel of a motorcycle to do this, there is another powerful argument, because the UNO motorcycle wheel one. A cross between a Segway with the electric bike has generated surprisingly economical and convenient in close quarters of a city vehicle. Although the idea is not new, this is what its implementation looks like at the moment in the most perfect way.

  • Biomimicry

    Humanity long ago discovered the natural laws of mimicry, the imitation of one object is observing another, but in practice this knowledge is beginning to apply recently. One of the best examples can be considered a Japanese bullet train Shinkasen whose nose is shaped aerodynamic beak of birds-Fisher Kingfisher.

  • Eco-sustainability of buildings

    World trade center of Bahrain, consisting of two buildings, has become the world’s first skyscraper, which fully provides itself with electricity from three huge wind turbines that are installed on the bridges between buildings. Such energy self-sufficiency is highly valued in the middle East and is gaining popularity around the world.

  • Electric cars

    Currently the world is experiencing a real boom of electric vehicles, only the desire to make this planet a little cleaner stumbles about the cost of eco-friendly cars. There is, of course, the options are very affordable, but the desire to accelerate to a hundred in 3 seconds even on battery power alone has not been canceled. But such models can be a costly mistake.

  • The availability of investment

    To collect seed money on a really interesting idea now almost no difficulty at all. Crowdfunding platforms, grants, corporate engagement — all this enables motivated people bring to life even the most ambitious projects. There is even a reality show Shark Tank, on which the participants have to present their idea in front of five large entrepreneurs so that they wanted to bargain among themselves for investing in it.

  • Jetpacks

    Collected hardly any on the knee jetpacks Yves Rossi, on which he with a companion flew over Dubai about a year ago, made a splash in private aviation. Everyone is interested in one thing — how long to wait before such aircraft will go on General sale?

  • System GPS tracking and navigation

    I agree, these technologies have not new motorists, but it’s not a reason to deny GPS the right to occupy a rightful place on this list. The signal is torn between the receiver in the car on the ground and a satellite in space — the thought of it was making me dizzy, and many still complain that you missed a turn due to lag Navigator!

  • Legimately water from air Watermill

    Only 3 cents will cost a liter of clean drinking water for those who decide to squeeze moisture from the air, turning it into a power supply device Watermill. The ability to get the moisture out of nothing really amazing, especially if to remember that there are places on the planet where water is in short supply.

  • Walking home

    The transfer of already-built houses together with the Foundation of practice though rare, but quite common. Walking home like Moving House cause to believe that the future. Solar panels, this house has possibilities for life than a quick way to get to the place with comfort. Another thing, if someone will teach to climb into the mountains, where you cannot pass none of the motorhome.

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First smartvote for the blind for less than $ 300

With the development of sensor technologies for the last 10 years received used wherever possible, visually impaired of the world’s population has become even more cut off from the main flow of information. All sorts of readers, leading through the Braille text information, could solve the problem, they don’t stand sometimes several thousand dollars per device. To rectify the situation is planning a young South Korean company Dot, announced the first “smart” watches for the blind.
The display wrist gadget there is nothing superfluous — 4 segment 6 active points in each, which will be displayed combinations of Braille. In this case, the update rate can be adjusted based on the level of proficiency in a blind reading.
Smartvac from Dot syncs via Bluetooth with a smartphone owner, allowing you to navigate in the menu and to give the faithful a voice command, if you want to perform some action. Battery life with active use of the device should be enough for five days. Watches for the blind Dot should appear on sale at the end of this year at a competitive price within $ 300. Read More →

Handmade: how to make jeans from Stella McCartney's collection spring–summer 2015

The Director of the division of fashion Katya Klimova demonstrates how to repeat the latest model jeans of the season spring–summer 2015 by Stella McCartney. Read More →

LCD Caramel on the Kvesisskaya 1 has reached the final of 74 meters

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Trainer Cardio Twister (Cardio Twister)

Surely you will agree that it is impossible to keep in good physical shape without regular exercise. You can visit the fitness club or at home at a convenient time. There are a number of different devices and equipment for sports. Today let’s talk about trainer Cardio Twister. Trainer Cardio Twister (Cardio Twister) is a unique invention of scientists. It will allow you to strengthen the muscles, … Read More →

Diane Kruger graced the cover of the September issue of ELLE Canada

39-year-old star of “Inglourious Basterds” co-starred in a glamorous photo shoot for a popular gloss.
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Cindy Crawford films about the modeling business

Синди Кроуфорд снимет сериал о модельном бизнесе
While Naomi Campbell is preparing to play the fashion magazine editor in the TV series “American horror story”, Cindy Crawford takes on the role… Read More →

Summer without socks: six seasonal life hacking for freedom fighters ankles

A man’s life it is difficult to imagine without socks, especially in cold weather. But in the summer, many rules can be broken, including to unsubscribe from socks for a while. But in order not to look like a homeless person, you should know the simple rules that must be followed, exposing the feet and ankles. Walking without socks can hardly be called something, in addition to style solutions. From the point of view of hygiene, such an act cannot be justified. The only thing that motivates a person and decided to forgo socks in the summer — the beauty of their ankles and the opportunity to briefly get rid of the annoying gum. We will explain how to make the transition to beznalichnyi mode and make it as painless as possible.

  • Take

    If you thirst to bare foot piece between the boot and the pant leg is so strong that I want to forget about conventions, remember that not all pants are suitable for this. Wide jeans or baggy cargo pants are hardly suitable for this venture, but the Chino or slim jeans is just what you need.

  • Watch your silhouette

    Even if you are extremely athletic silhouette and can wear almost any style with dignity, pay attention to the cut of pants that will tuck. Bananabrandy silhouettes with extra padding or pants Aladdin with a purse between your legs, makes you look more like an Oriental Prince from the southern republics, than a really stylish guy.

  • Take the example of the Italians

    Borrowed Russian fashionistas love to bright Chino and unbuttoned to the belly shirts is the distinctive feature of the Italian hipsters. If you want to wear maroon pants with sandals, we look at the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula — they get to wear such outfits especially organically.

  • Pick the right shoes

    The lack of socks should give you stylish a quitter, and not someone who just forgot to put them on. Shoe selection signals primarily about attention to details, and this, as you know, the key to success. Therefore, light top cidery for a relaxed way and Derby shoes with round toes for the office — best choice barefoot trendsetter.

  • The color of the ankles

    There’s nothing worse than sickly pale ankle, long ago forgetting about what Jogging and sunlight. Before you show the world your feet, pay attention to appearance, and maybe not worth it to show them on public display.

  • Invisible socks

    Walking socks — sounds good only in words, but in reality you could end up squishing sweaty feet and bloody blisters. The problem can be addressed invisible socks, invisible to the eye, but the final many hygienic problems.

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Wedding Kurban Omarov with Ksenia Borodina condemned countrymen groom

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