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Soft water: simple, convenient, beneficial

“My home is my castle”. Agree, the proverb does not lose its relevance for centuries. Our house really needs to be a fortress: reliable, warm, cozy and protected on all sides. Read More →

Red Audi competition

Participate in the Instagram contest Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and get a test drive of a red Audi TT for 3 months!

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SeaOrbiter: vertical ship that will change the view of the ocean

There is no doubt that space hardly has revealed to mankind at least 1% of its mysteries, if we consider that even situated on one with our planet, the oceans we have studied only ten percent. Most of the discoveries in Oceanography committed in the last 20-30 years and it looks like the next big thing again is not far off, because soon the water will go down the first vertical ship SeaOrbiter, which is destined to revolutionize the views of the ocean. We have studied, how it will look and how much it cost for you to have an idea of the scale and significance of the project.

  • How many feet under the keel?

    At the time, as the entire earth fleet has more or less traditional form, this ship looks more like a skyscraper or an iceberg, when you consider that most of it is hidden under water. 27 meters and 4 level against 31 and 6 are the proportions of surface and underwater parts of SeaOrbiter.

  • What is it and what

    Equipment and search tools on Board will help to look at a depth of 6000 meters, and at the bottom of the ship will be installed in the laboratory for space simulations.

  • Green trail

    A project of this magnitude, of course, not without the “green” notes, which resulted in the manufacture of the body from recycled aluminium, prepared for the marine environment, and the use of alternative energy sources such as forces of wind, waves and sunlight.

  • Navy Custody

    During the time that the draft of the ship held in the collection of funds on the incarnation, he acquired a number of epithets, the loudest of which is the Guardian of the Ocean. What is not known yet, but already in the plans guide the creation of a fleet of similar ships that will “patrol” first separate the oceans, and then, possibly, different parts of these oceans.

  • Price scientific breakthrough

    The development of the project were collected 350 thousand euros only by means of a crowdfunding campaign. The other 35 million — but it was the sum cost of production and maintenance SeaOrbiter — the ideological inspirer of the project Jacques Ruggeri plans to collect sponsors, among which Rolex has already noted, NASA, National Geographic, and major military-industrial companies.

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How to create perfect eyebrows: rules and taboos

Simple and practical tips on caring for eyebrows
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How to learn meditation in conditions of permanent stress

Most people think that meditation is stopping the internal dialogue, extinguish unnecessary emotions and thoughts. The reality is somewhat different. Going into a proper meditative state, a person does not stop to think. He becomes an outside observer of the stream of his own consciousness, judging and reproving him. Through this comes a sincere recognition of his “I”, not clouded by external factors. Some studies show that long-term practice of meditation can actually change the structure of your brain. The best, of course. Scientists from the University of California found that meditation develops the frontal lobe of the brain — this allows a person to quickly process information. The goal of meditation is to concentrate and calm your mind, and in the future in achieving the highest degree of awareness and inner calm. You might be surprised of this, but meditation can be practiced anywhere, at any time, allowing yourself to sink into a state of peace and tranquility no matter what is happening around. We have compiled a step by step guide on entering into a meditative state that will help to master the basic skills of meditation.

  • Choose the setting

    Until then, until you become a master of meditation, begin the session will not work without the proper environment, in which there is no place stimuli. Try to find a place where you will not be distracted. Disconnect the smartphone, alarms and turn off the laptop. If you want to play music, make gadget-the source has not had any contact with the outside world. As soothing sounds is very suitable noises of nature, such as mountain waterfall. If you intend to meditate outdoors — should go away into the woods and find a deserted lawn, away from trails and roads.

  • Clothing and equipment

    Good meditation implies the absence of stimuli. And they can be very, very much, even clothing. Narrow, tight, preventing the clothes — not your option. Spacious training pants, robes and all, that did not restrict movement fits perfectly.

  • Time

    The time and duration of the meditation session is very important. Usually advise beginners to meditate at least 20 minutes a day. But you need to understand and other important moments. You should try to meditate every day at the same time. It will quickly turn the practice into a habit and allow to develop the system.

  • Stretching and warm-up

    Although meditation is exercise for the mind, it is inseparable from the physical condition. Tension in the muscles, pain in the joints or abdomen — factors that will not permit a full practice. Stretching exercises will help you relax and prepare your body and mind for meditation. It will also help you to relax your mind, rather than focusing on the painful areas of your body.

  • Selection of poses

    Traditionally, meditation is practiced sitting on the floor on a cushion in the Lotus position or in the position of Lotus. If your feet, hips and back are not very flexible, the Lotus position may force the lower part of your back to bend back, making it difficult balancing your torso. Select the position in which you easily keep your balance and you are able to sit straight and right. But to sit in the classical position is not necessarily. You can sit on a regular chair with a straight back and feet pressed to the floor. The most important thing is you should feel comfortable and relaxed and your torso should be sustainable and balanced, and your spine to support the weight of the waist and upper body.

  • The concentration of breathing

    The most basic and universal meditation technique of breathing meditation, which is a great way to start practice. Select a point above your navel and keep your mind centered on her. Pay attention to how to move up and down your chest during breathing. Do not take concerted action to change the breath, just breathe freely. Don’t think about your breathing and don’t give him any assessment, just try to become aware of the breath.

  • Sounds and mantras

    Meditation using a mantra — a popular form of meditation that involves repetition of a mantra (a sound, word or phrase) over and over again, until you manage to calm the mind and enter into meditative state. A mantra can be anything of your choice, but it should be easy to remember. However, it all depends on the seriousness of its intentions and abilities of your memory.

  • Visual object

    As well as using a mantra, you can use simple visual object to reach a deeper awareness. This form of meditation involves the exercise with eyes open, which is easier for some practitioners, if they can focus your mind on any subject. A visual object can be anything, although many people consider the perfect candle for this exercise. Other options — crystals, flowers or the Visualizer in iTunes.

  • Meditation on the go

    Meditation should not be limited to well-defined classes, you can also practice conscious state at any moment. This skill is very useful during rush hour in the subway, when few deep breaths to become calmer and more balanced.

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Stars who have become techno-insiders

Celebrities usually associate a simple person with high sales of albums, unbridled personal life, the use of prohibited substances and, as a consequence, early death. Actually, many of those we see on screen and hear in our headphones, spend a huge amount of time and money on support and development of technical progress, the core of which is still located in Silicon valley. Of course, this is not just charity. At the moment, investing in a tech startup can be called the smartest way to invest — which is to say outstanding analytical abilities of many stars. Before you dozens of the most famous and most, as it turned out, designed a Hollywood resident, each of which moves forward not only his name, but science.

  • Justin Timberlake

    When Timberlake sings not and can not be removed in the next clip, we prefer to spend time on investing in tech startups. Unfortunately, the singer not very lucky: his assets are not very well known service Stipple and slowly dying before our eyes Myspace.

  • Trent Reznor

    Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails worked, as it turned out, Beats Music — recently purchased and renamed to Apple Music. He is considered one of the three main people of the project, together with co-founder Jimmy Iovino and CEO Ian Rogers.

  • Magic Johnson

    Former star NBA All-Star leave, but continues to score a three-pointer. Four years ago, magic has invested several million to Detroit Venture Partners, and dividends received are distributed among the startups that develop mobile applications.

  • Lady Gaga

    Did you know that Lady Gaga is closely involved in the tech startup called Backplane? It owns a fifth of the capital stock of the company, which also involved such a heavyweight as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

  • Jared Leto

    And one more challenging character in our list. During his life, Jared has managed to become famous in almost all sectors: the group 30 Seconds To Mars continues to assemble the whole stadiums of fans, and movies with Summer constantly become leaders rolled. Between these cases the singer manages to make a very deliberate investment in promising start-UPS in Silicon valley. Latest protege Jared, Nest was acquired by Google for $ 3.2 billion.

  • Bono

    Longtime lead singer of U2 was founded in Silicon valley venture firm called Elevation Partners. And, of course, could not refrain from a song in honor of the company — it is called Elevation. His team made a very significant investment in Yelp, Facebook and Dropbox.


    The frontman of The Black Eyed Peas has long been known for his love of modern technology. He developed the prints used on the plastic 3D printer, and recently made their own controller in the first robotics competition at Southern New Hampshire University.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    The star is actually a talk show, Fallon boasts not only excellent interpersonal skills but also technical skills. Prior to his career leading Jimmy quite successfully worked as a C++ programmer, and studied languages at a very prestigious College of Saint rose, new York.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    This guy has not won a single Oscar, but did quite a lot of great investments in technology companies. In addition, DiCaprio recently began working with Mexican billionaire Carlos slim over the lens Mobli, which will run on the platform Snapchat.

  • Ashton Kutcher

    This guy is not as simple as it seems. In addition to a pretty impressive acting career and the stigma of one of the most handsome heroes of Hollywood, behind Kutcher has a very impressive investment. Well understanding the trends of modern society, actor independently decided to invest in some very promising startups — Spotify, AirBnb, Foursquare, Uber, Dwolla — all these have long since “vystrelivshey” projects were created with the participation of money Ashton.

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25 of the best libraries in which even books — not important

Nowadays very few who will prefer conditional silence of the reading room of the peace, homelike chair when it comes to few hours alone with the new and definitely interesting book. If you are not lazy to go somewhere to calm to spend a few hours, and you consider yourself an outstanding tourist, trying to avoid the pop route, then you will certainly like this our material. Today we found more than two dozen interesneishih libraries of the planet, which is required to attend all the book lovers and just lovers of non-standard travel.

  • The national library of France

    This library was the man with the largest collection of books in the world, but the Oval hall of the Building Richelieu must see even one who books quite indifferent.

  • The Peruvian house of literature in Lima

    Until 2009, this building housed the station, but the government’s desire to raise the level of education of citizens made their adjustments.

  • Public library Canada to Vancouver

    The main idea of this project was, oddly enough, the Colosseum, which are now restaurants, offices, shopping halls and the library.

  • Library Wiblingen monastery in Ulm, Germany

    The interiors of this building are the epitome of the direction of the Rococo with all of the style elements from the marble columns to the statues and frescoes.

  • Virgilio Barco in Bogota, Colombia

    This building was constructed in 2001 on a project in which the architect Rogelio of Salmon perfectly put together an open floor plan rooms with outer space, where there were even pool area with lawns.

  • Central library Seattle, WA

    These 11 stories of glass and steel are only a part of the Public library of Seattle that makes imbued with respect for the thirst for local knowledge.

  • Eco-Liyuan library in Beijing

    Almost everything that can be made in this construction from eco-friendly materials, and the air inside is kept fresh due to the proximity to the lake.

  • Library of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland

    Philanthropist George Peabody clearly has spared no expense when he donated money for the construction of this 5-storey library.

  • The Royal library in Copenhagen

    Its faceted appearance this building has earned it the name Black Diamond, which is not too far from the truth.

  • The Royal library in the monastery of El Escorial, Madrid

    Its architecture and frescoes depicting the seven different areas of study here of arts and Sciences this building has earned a place in the list of UNESCO world heritage.

  • Makarska library of the history of human imagination in Ridgefield, Connecticut

    Along with a large collection of really rare books presented here and an extensive collection of interesting items, from parts of this Soviet satellite to the Atlas 1699.

  • The Abbey Library Of Saint Gallen, Switzerland

    The oldest library in the country still capable of hitting a Grand scale and ornate beauty of the Baroque style.

  • Library Pedro Vasquez in Mexico city, Mexico

    While inside the halls of this huge structure, it is hard to escape the feeling that the entire store of human knowledge is literally hanging over you.

  • The library and the cultural centre of Vennesla, Norway

    A large number of arches in this building is because when you create the project used real fin whale, which formed the basis of many elements.

  • The Codrington library at Oxford College, England

    Philanthropist Christopher Codrington donated not only a large sum for the construction of this library in 1752, but his own collection of 12,000 books.

  • The library of the University of the arts MFA in Tokyo

    The architect SOU Fujimoto has become a true architectural anomaly for the city, where surprise someone not so easy.

  • National library Klementinum in Prague

    Together with the largest collection of books in the country here and stored personal items such historical figures like Mozart and Tycho Brahe.

  • The library of Congress in Washington

    Perhaps the biggest and richest library of the planet must be inspected at least for this alone superiority, not to mention the fact that there is just beautiful.

  • The library of the monastery Admont, Austria

    This library is the second largest in the list of the largest monastic libraries, and its ceilings frescoed with images of the stages of human enlightenment.

  • State library of New South Wales in Sydney

    Being in the oldest library of the Australian continent, do not forget to look into Mitchell wing, one of the most beautiful parts of it.

  • The city library of Stuttgart

    Unique internal layout in the outwardly cubic building with bright white interiors make this library a real tourist attraction.

  • The Royal reading room of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro

    Despite the fact that this building was built only in the nineteenth century, in the collection you can find copies and XVI century.

  • The library of Alexandria in Egypt

    The building, located on the Mediterranean coast, ushers inside the maximum amount of light that almost blinds you when you first visit.

  • Library of Trinity College in Dublin

    Paper, wood and the atmosphere of antiquity became the basis of this library and a major reason to visit its reading rooms during your next visit to Dublin.

  • Reading room Rose Main in the Public library of new York

    In stretching for two blocks to the Rose reading room Main fit exactly 42 massive oak table that better than any words said about the scale of the Public library of new York, occupying third place in the list of the largest libraries in the world.

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Star face control: beach make Samoilova, Brezhnev after the concert and Irina Shayk with daily makeover

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Take part in the competition from Isotoner and paint your autumn bright colors!

Beneficial summer time comes to an end, and soon we will have to tear off the calendar last leaf of August. But that is no reason for discouragement and anguish! Portal for women to give you positive emotions and prizes from the French brand Isotoner. Read More →

Charlize Theron in Beverly hills

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