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How to care for skin prone to allergies: TOP 6 tips

Find out what care should pick up for skin prone to allergic reactions
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7 things you should know before you start losing weight

Only one in 10 people will bring the matter weight loss. Why is such a small percentage, it would seem that to motivate people do to cope with this in General a simple task. After all, it is only to eat fewer calories than you consume, and no other secrets. The truth is that many are not ready for new impressions and circumstances that provides for this process. They take them for failures or signs of their weakness. Really worth to know about them in advance to mentally prepare.

  • False hunger

    The worst thing is that you have to endure physically in addition to exercise, this hunger. But perhaps you will be easier to tolerate if you know that this hunger is false. The beginning of weight loss process is stressful for the body, and he will defend himself to the last. When it becomes clear that now you’re giving him less food and more load, it will include all the resources to sound the alarm. So there you’ll want not because hungry, but because the body is a pity to expend the accumulated fat. Don’t give him opportunities for these savings.

  • Invisible progress

    The first time you will motivate the result. But don’t expect a long effect. If you have decided to lose weight, know that some time won’t be noticed no change at all. Leave the first three kilos due to the expelled liquid, and then you’ll even notice the weight gain. This muscle underneath a layer of fat grow under the action of physical activity, and they weigh much more than fat. But it’s not forever. Over time, a critical mass of the muscles will require more calories.

  • A single failure

    Not worth to entertain the hope that it will be possible to arrange a weekend of grueling regime. Be prepared for the fact that this new way of life now forever, if you don’t want to turn into a thick clumsy glutton. Individual breakdowns are fraught situation, “barn burned, burn the hut.” In other words, a single failure leads to total breakdown. Don’t let yourself unload.

  • Locally will not work

    If you want to lose belly fat, be prepared for the fact that evenly, it will leave, and other body parts. For example, you may suddenly discover skinny legs and arms-branches. If your girlfriend loses weight with you notice that her Breasts will shrink along with the tummy. Locally to remove fat is impossible. And no exercise “crunches” and “leg” will not help. The layer of fat will burn throughout the body.

  • Sports nothing, food is everything

    If you think that a rocking chair will solve all your weight problems, it is better not even start. The fact is that if you decide to lose weight, food should pay 90% attention. At the wrong diet of sports load will not help. You will only increase the rate of calories due to higher needs. So before you start the process, buy a kitchen scale. This is not a gadget for pitoresk, but a real way to know how many calories you consume and divide them so that the diet was comfortable.

  • Group support

    Shame and embarrassment – the great engines of any hard process in the sense that there should be people to whom you will be difficult to retreat. Before you begin to live in the mode of weight loss, take care of company associates. If we fail to find someone together with you abandon carbohydrates and start to go to the gym, then find those who will listen. Promising not only themselves, but also people to lose weight, you’ll be more likely to succeed, because ashamed of failure will not only be in front of him.

  • After it will be even harder

    After you reach the targets, there will come the most critical moment. You don’t have the motivation to go to the gym and starve. Like yourself, so why the deprivation? It is necessary to prevent this and you in the blink of an eye will return to its old settings, and very soon they will grow into it. The body, destitute as ever ready to store fat for a rainy day.

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Personal plane of Elvis Presley can now buy every

The personal jet of the king of Rock-n-Roll, model Lockheed JetStar for sale by the auction house GWS Auctions. Elvis himself had developed the interior design — everything here, including the velvet trim seats, literally smelling of eternity.
In fact, Elvis loved to live to the fullest. In his fleet there were three aircraft “Lisa Marie” and “Hound No. 2″ still waiting for the return of the King in Graceland, but who will be the master of “Lost” will be revealed in the near future.
Jet no engines and needs full restoration. However, potentially this beauty can bring to the new owner millions of dollars — willing to obtain ownership of at least a part of one of the most recognizable performers on the planet rife. Read More →

Miss USA-2017 has become a nuclear scientist

The other day in Las Vegas ended the contest “Miss USA”. The winner is named Kara Makkalu — notebook not only beauty, but also a nuclear scientist from Washington.
Kara was born and raised in Naples, and then her family moved first to Sicily and later in the United States.
An expert on nuclear chemistry works in the nuclear regulatory Commission of the United States. University she graduated with a degree — a fact that makes the most diehard chauvinists to think a little bit. Read More →

5 wildest failures of North Korea

North Korea remains a country not only of communism, but clearly thriving absurd. What else can explain the news, which constantly appear on national television and in a few print media of this country? Friendly waving in the direction of US nuclear warheads, comrade Kim Jong-UN manages to win the world Championships, to deal with objectionable with hungry dogs, and even run relatives in the Sun. At least if you believe the press — all the way.

  • The victory of the DPRK in the Brazilian world Cup

    In the summer of 2014 the media around the world spread rollers with Central television of the DPRK. The announcer solemnly congratulated a national team on football with victory at the Brazilian world Cup — despite the fact that on any championship at the time, Korean players did not go.

  • The shooting team of the DPRK

    Another story also concerns the Korean team. The national team has shown a disastrous performance at the world Cup in 2010. And not just failed — the first time in the history of international sports stream, watch about really the whole country, the Koreans missed from the Portuguese masters of the seven heads. Following the news from DPRK was of total repression, which covered not only the team, but the next of kin. Case in FIFA, but the North Korea just twisted his finger to his temple — they say that we savages what are. Players, however, since then more so no one saw.

  • The village is a Ghost

    Village Kigongoni seen with South Korea. And here, of course, a real Paradise — there has to damned capitalists to see how cool to be Communists. However, recently, the reporters found that in fact the “model” village no one lives, except the soldiers of the local garrison. Potemkin villages in North Korea.

  • The execution of the uncle of Kim Jong UN

    Kim Jong-UN, at first, it seemed the world community is highly educated young man. Swiss education, neat appearance, calm speech since his inauguration to end all from day to day expected a political thaw. But instead of the thaw cute boy instantly took the country with an iron fist. The most wild was the story of the repressions of family, Jang sung-Taek, the uncle of Kim Jong UN, accused of a coup attempt. The Jang sung-Taek, supposedly put at the mercy of hungry dogs.

  • On the Sun night flight

    And finally we have in store for you the wild story. More recently, by the Central television the DPRK has shown an absurd story about the flight of the cosmonaut (and then still it appeared that hung Il Hong up, Kim Jong Ynu nephew). He drove in the Sun in the night (of course, so as not to burn) and turned around in just 18 hours. More and samples uncle brought exclusive.

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The evolution of hairstyles Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina: how to change hair leading Read More →

How to make a holiday memorable

Without a doubt, the mood of any celebration depends on the invited guests, and from the proper organization. And to make the celebration unforgettable, you should try to consider every detail. An important concept of the holiday, be Sure to consider the theme of the party. For example, the occasion in the style of the mods will allow Read More →

Hair accessories: 5 win-win options for the summer of 2017

Look at the hair clips, headbands and hair bands are in Vogue in the summer of 2017
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11 about facts about the middle Ages, who all still believe to be true

Most of our knowledge about the middle Ages is based on the fantasy series and the excursions into the past from Dan brown. That is why some of the facts that immediately come to mind when the phrase “Middle ages” are nothing more than a publicized myth. This historical period is very extensive – 476 and the fall of the Roman Empire to the 14th century. It is possible that some of what we believe was the truth. But the most common misconceptions we decided to debunk.

  • Religion hindered technical progress

    This is one of the biggest myths about the Middle ages. Most people still believe that a strict system of religious beliefs, coupled with disasters like the plague put an end to scientific thought and progress. This idea has even spawned a new name for the era – the Dark ages. In fact the medieval Church contributed to educational programs for students that included math and science. The Bible was reinterpreted as a guide to the knowledge of the world, and the gap between the ancient science and the current decreased. In the Middle ages was invented by a seal, water and windmills, eyeglasses, the magnetic compass. And much of this was done with the participation and support of the Church. So we can say that religion is not hindered, but only spurred progress.

  • Was not dental care

    Dentistry and still is considered a form of torture, so in the middle ages it belongs. But let’s start with the fact that people who do not have access to sugar, had much healthier teeth than we do now. At the same time, the study of the jaws of the people of the middle Ages show that the teeth are cleaned and removed using professional tools. In the early 1400s, the Italian Professor Giovanni de Ercole wrote a treatise on dental care, which proves that the basic technique of dentists that we know today, the practice was even then. He even described in detail the process of saving the decaying of the tooth by filling it with gold.

  • The chastity belt was in the course

    Everyone knows the myth that the warrior, who does not trust his wife, went to war, left her in metal chains like cowards. This enabled him not to doubt her fidelity. In fact, it is nothing more than a medieval joke. First image of a chastity belt appeared in 1405 in a comic context. There played upon a Roman wedding tradition to tie belted waist of the bride. This belt symbolized chastity, but did not provide it.

  • Everyone believed that the Earth was flat

    “The earth is flat” – is a watershed between the middle Ages and age of Enlightenment. Supposedly this error was widespread among the inhabitants of the Dark ages, and characterize them not with the best hand. In fact, the people began to realize that the Earth is not flat disk that is already in the sixth century BC, and over the next centuries, just seen this. And in this myth the fault of the writer Washington Irving, author of Sleepy Hollow and other works. In his “History of the life of Christopher Columbus” he strongly played up the idea that pre-Columbian people thought the earth was flat. This “History”, incidentally, is almost entirely fiction.

  • Right of the first night – a common phenomenon

    The right of a king, nobleman or any powerful man sleeping with the bride dependent on his power of a man – a frequent subject of mainstream movies and books about the middle Ages. In fact, this rabid myth that was created only to build scenes such works. He first appears in the Sumerian tales of Gilgamesh, and then emerges in a huge number of other texts. The only thing missing – at least one proof that at least one king or a nobleman really practiced right of first night.

  • Women stayed at home and took care of the children

    When it comes to medieval women, in movies about this era they are given the opportunity only to give birth, cook dinner, and die young. Actually feminists would be glad that in the Middle ages women did not shun men’s work and were quite productive members of society. They took care of the harvest, worked in the industry, from textile factories to confectionaries, ran the family shops, taverns and Inns. And even the main positions of power were available to them. It’s not only Queens, but also the heads of monasteries – the centres of medieval life. When the plague reduced the population of London doubled, widows have become ubiquitous to do business, including the brewing industry – one of the most popular crafts of the time.

  • People lived only up to 30 years

    The origins of this myth is clear – life in the Middle ages was more dangerous and unpredictable. But there is a difference between lifespan and life expectancy. The first is the individual life. Second – averaged statistical measure, he was at 30 years old due to high infant mortality. For example, we have a family of two parents and four children. The first of the children die in infancy, the other two against childhood diseases, the third lives to be 70, and the parents die at 35 and 60 respectively. Thus, life expectancy in this family on average – 28 years. But this does not mean that this was the norm. To live to 70, it is easy, if you survived childhood.

  • Bad water drank wine and beer

    This is a discouraging discovery, but medieval people did not drink so much alcohol as we think. Most cities were built around large sources of fresh water. Danger only industrial objects, working with dyes. But they were obliged to keep the water clean and not to dump waste into waterways. So the water was all right. Though beer had been loved. However it was much less strong than now and was used as a thirst quencher during heavy work, for example, in the field.

  • Crazy medieval medicine

    Medieval medicine was often represented in the form of a doctor with a saw, which he saws off part of your skull to release evil spirits. But medical knowledge was then quite adequate, although strange. For example, even today we use some modified medieval practices in the treatment of burns or the destruction of viruses. In the middle ages came up with to explore fluid from the human body to understand what was happening to him.

  • Spices became popular out of necessity to cover up the flavor of rancid

    This is incorrect, at least for the reason that spices were enormously expensive. The opportunity to buy ginger and cinnamon meant that you can not afford to eat rotten meat. Besides spoiled meat in General was not in the course. It was prohibited to sell or severely punished for violating the ban. And this myth was born from the book of 1939 “the Food of the Englishman: five centuries of English diet”. It is mentioned that the spices overpower the rotten taste. And it is fundamentally not true.

  • The torture device “Iron maiden”

    Medieval torture is generally a very popular topic, and always in such discussions arises torture simulator “Iron maiden”. But luckily for medieval prisoners, it’s a continuous story. For the first time such a device is mentioned in the 18th century with reference to the penalty that occurred in 1515 century. I must say that most of the stories about the medieval torture dates from a much later time, and real evidence, almost none.

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Robocop took to the streets of Dubai

The Dubai authorities are going to make from the real world of the future. At least about the safety of local residents to worry no longer: the first Robocop is already out patrolling the streets.
No stopping means the robot is not allowed — yet, as emphasized by the creators. The machine moves around the city on wheels and carries more supportive function. Anyone can use a robot to call the real police, and in case of conflict, the iron guard will set off a siren.
By 2030, Dubai police will be on the quarter consist of automated mobile systems. After thorough testing, the robots will get traumatic weapons and stun guns. Read More →