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Thai massage in CROWN THAI SPA – touch of happiness

CROWN THAI SPA is a Thai island exotics in Russia. Staff invited from the Kingdom of Thailand. All the masters graduates and have mastered various techniques of Thai massage and the secrets of aromatherapy. Magic touch massage therapists relieve fatigue, relax, and most importantly, heal. For many centuries, Thai massage is a panacea for many ailments and diseases. The CROWN THAI SPA salons are not only in Moscow but also in other cities. Network CROWN THAI SPA expands and moves to the international level, after the opening of the salon in Germany in düsseldorf. Read More →

In new York, began fashion week

In parallel with runway views in the city turns the show streetstyler
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New York fashion week 2015-2016: what you need to know about new trends

That will change fashion week in new York city in the image of the main fashionistas. Read More →

9 things you must get right now

In the wardrobe of every man there are some completely inexplicable things that just do not obey any rule of style. Shirts that have been worn once for a bachelor party, my best friend, jeans, former fashion just never. It is quite in the order of things — the clothes no one wears twice. But there is another category. Every few years, the weirdest clothes solemnly extracted from the depths of the closet and once again in front of the mirror trying on. In very advanced cases, the patient decides to wear it on the street — what we do is strictly not advised. And you do not doubt — here is a list of 9 things that need to be removed from the Cabinet and immediately burnt.

  • Felt hat

    Autumn rain slowly drumming on the roof of an overturned car at which wheel sits dead blonde. Police yet to come, but you’re too old for this shit.. Shoot, in General, his hat — please smoke or a piece of a cigar and go to Los Angeles.

  • Jeans with inserts

    Like torn, jeans with inserts are not recommended even the girls — except that, very young. The same guy who dared to dress up so it looks simply stupid.

  • Flip Flops Adidas

    Yes, in the summer, in their own country, where around only well knowledgeable of your relatives is possible. In all other contexts to wear Adidas flip flops, even with socks, though without them is bad form.

  • Belt with studs

    This thing needs to be thrown away right after you turned 16 years old. In the shower of course, you can remain a fan of grunge and a rebel, but no need to show it to everyone around, catching them spikes from his belt.

  • Wide neckties

    Just remember, wide tie was left in the 1990-ies forever. The past will not return, remove.

  • Belt with large buckle

    Of course, this thing looks great on the cowboys. You cowboy? No? Then throw his big buckle to hell. Looks like you decided to carry dinner plate — just in case.

  • Shoes with square toe

    We do not fully understand who could possibly be wearing shoes of this style. I hope they never come back in style.

  • Cargo pants

    Yes, it’s convenient for work and outdoor recreation clothing. In the pockets you can put a lot of things, and then, to savor, to take out. Ammo, spare fishing line, file. If you will not use any of that in the city — and pants-cargo, you do not need. If you’re going to — think again.

  • T-shirt with fun print

    No, you don’t seem in her younger. And attractive. And it is not fun, even on your chest shows spider-man, brandishing the JDC. Move on to plain, calm t-shirts with round neck.

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Tommy Hilfiger spring-summer 2016 (2015RTW)

Tommy Hilfiger весна-лето 2016 (2015RTW)
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Work at night kills brain cells

The team of scientists conducted a study, examining in detail the effects of night work. As it turned out, the workflow in the night time detrimental effect on brain cells and may cause a number of dangerous illnesses.

The researchers conducted an experiment involving experimental mice. All laboratory rodents were divided into three equal groups. The first group of mice lived in the active mode, resting in small intervals. The second group of rodents during the study complied with the proper mode and subjects of a third time did not allow to sleep at night, forcing them to stay awake around the clock.

As shown by the results of the experiment, the experimental mice from the first group, who rested a little bit, in the brain was running too active of the protein that are responsible for controlling energy. But in the case of rodents living for days without sleep, things were different: the sleepless their brain has ceased to produce this protein.

According to researchers, resulting in mice in the third group there has been a loss of a huge number of brain cells. Besides, they could not be restored even after a good long sleep. For this reason, experts advise to adhere to a normal schedule and not work at night: the human body is able to adjust to a variety of conditions, but after a while the lack of quality sleep can swipe on health and accelerate aging of the brain.

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Beauty in Arabic: a new trend in social media #TheHabibatiTag

Oriental beauty decided to show their beauty
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How do you know that at work you don't like

Staff relationships never remain within the workflow. People are still people in any environment, using personal value judgements for each factor. Including, and for their colleagues. Most are forced to work together people does not seek to explicitly show their dissatisfaction with colleagues, simply because they do not want to jeopardize his career. However, the signals that you dislike surrounding can be quite obvious. We do not advise you to tolerate this state of Affairs, even for a good position and high salary. Sooner or later, would be a challenge, and than later you’re going to do, the harder it will be to get you the best result. Here are ten signs that you really don’t like colleagues: if at least five of them apply to your environment — think about changing jobs.

  • Greeting

    Who greets first, coming to work? If it has to constantly make only if you may leave in the evening unnoticed — so your presence is consciously ignore.

  • Personal communication

    Another sign that you are not the most popular person in the team. The abundance of e-mails, even from those who are sitting right next to you, so that you don’t want to maintain personal contact.

  • Body language

    Many people do not seek to explicitly Express his dislike colleagues. This is completely understandable, because, in addition to personal feelings, there is a workflow that cannot be ignored. But the body language to deceive. Watch how people react to your presence staff: closed posture, drooping corners of the mouth, raised skeptical eyebrows can show them real to you.

  • Inner sense

    If you feel that your colleagues look at you askance — it may be just a little paranoid. But, with almost the same probability, it can be true. Should you trust your instincts: if other employees are not in a hurry to accept you in their circle, then, in all likelihood, you actually are not the most popular person in the office.

  • Rumors

    This, of course, a bit childish, but people actually spread rumors about people they don’t like. Professional this behavior is not known, however, communication in the team is only at this level is simply impossible.

  • The lack of a smile

    We are not talking about those rare days when the mood of many is low. Worth considering if you see that nobody shows smile when you are in the room. People usually just can’t show feelings toward them unpleasant person.

  • You avoid

    With whom do you go for lunch? Often it happens that colleagues are waiting for when you return from break to go there yourself? If loneliness is a common feeling for you at work, then you are dislike.

  • Short answers

    On a completely neutral question “how are you?” can be answered in different ways. Short nice, combined with overly busy, can only mean one thing: you don’t want to communicate.

  • Social life

    Someone’s birthday, but you not invited? At lunchtime call anyone but you? No need to write off these symptoms on their own suspiciousness: most likely, you really dislike.

  • Eye contact

    One of the most revealing signs is the lack of direct eye contact. If you notice that people look to the side, even referring directly to you, it is likely to be one reason: they don’t like you.

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Titan Lightning Cable: a cable that will outlast any iPhone

Scarcely had someone to joke after the recent Apple presentation on the topic that it would be better instead rose gold iPhone and “pencil” for $ 100, the company introduced a cable that will not break after a year of use, as sleep fell himself in the hand. However, the eternal cord came not from Apple, even much better, considering their latest pricing.
Titan Lightning Cable from experts in their field Fuse Chicken really turned out to be incredibly tenacious, because he is not afraid of no twisting, no crashes, no hitting the car or other household and not the cases of displaying standard cable charging Apple products down.

Demo video hardly has much in common with what you face every day, but it is nice to know that Titan Lightning Cable, you can safely hang over the precipice or to protect them from the chainsaw.
The first batch of Titan Lightning Cable will go on sale on 17 September 2015 at a price of 35 dollars on Amazon. Now imagine how much would cost the same Apple counterpart! Read More →

Red manicure — when and how to wear

Red lacquer, as well as red lips, red lingerie never goes out of fashion and at all times attracts men. However, the girls should be very careful in using a red hue in your manicure. Not to cross the line of vulgarity, you need to follow the simple rule of wearing red nail Polish. When to wear red lacquer Red …

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