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Writer Svetlana Alexievich was awarded the Nobel prize

Писательница Светлана Алексиевич получила Нобелевскую премию
Belarusian writer of Ukrainian origin Svetlana Alexievich was awarded the Nobel prize in literature for 2015. The prestigious award… Read More →

Of one suit to make a four

Humanity is on the path of return to traditional values, including fashion to casual classics. Many men who formerly wore the suit only before the altar, now happy to go in this costume to work. Sales of men’s suits is steadily growing, and the costumes are becoming less strict. In many countries, men wear a suit that looks organically both at work and in an informal setting. Gentleman’s set for suit are often collected separately. We will talk about how out of a suit to collect multiple images. This will serve as surprisingly self-sufficient wardrobe items.

  • Jacket

    Without it just will not do. The remaining ingredients are added to taste: sneakers or high boots, jeans or sweatpants, shirt or sweatshirt – restrictions and prohibitions no. I must say that this is a very convenient way: a jacket always gives mind the official, and depending on relaxation of the other parts – it can be transformed for a relaxed time in a company.

  • Shirt with print

    Suits, which requires a dress code and rules of decency is already boring enough to wear with them and a plain shirt. Shirt with print in its place will look much more interesting and not necessarily gaudy. TM collected a few simple rules of wearing shirt with drawing, which help to emphasize their individuality, while respecting the rules of good style. If shirt a bright picture, and all other elements of the costume must be calm, subdued color type dark gray, dark blue, brown, Burgundy or khaki. Small pattern better big. Even a very bright pattern will look elegant if it is quite small. Shirt with small polka dots — ideal for the first experiments with combination of drawings. This is the most simple and neutral pattern. Shirt with a picture look better if they have a smaller collar. Big makes the overall look too colorful.

  • Vest

    The vest gives an ordinary suit a new dimension – it brings variety. This allows you to better Express a person’s personality, to convey his unique style. It can be worn as a separate accessory and can be part of a three-piece suit. The options here are countless.

  • Pants

    This season, designers offer men to try on two diametrically opposite image. First – ironed nerd in perfectly fitting trousers. The suit should be in a cage, perhaps even tweed. Designers were fascinated by the subject cell, so that the accessories can also be lined.

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Test drive Trendymen: Lexus RC

Perhaps RC can be called the first Lexus model, in which the present image of the brand brought to its logical conclusion. Yes, visually it has much in common with the model IS, but here the designers have a very fun time and have realized the full potential of kinetics.
Silhouette RC is read from the first to the last notes of the melody bow, sides and stern of the car play into each other almost in unison. The Lexus turned out almost the way, tailored on the patterns and rules of luxury cars, but with one difference — everything here is designed for the regular budget of the buyer.
Although the car looks very compact, in size it even exceeds the model IS the length and width of the RC are 4695 and 1840 mm, respectively, 30 and 20 millimeters higher than the same values in the Lexus IS. And, as in the case of most sports cars, the design still forced the creators to sacrifice practicality in favor of beauty.
Sweeping lines of the silhouette, especially the drop part toward the stern, and made the second row of seats is almost formal. Although here he seems to be there, three or four of any kind of adults here do not accommodate any scenario. Except that if they will only be Trinami the Lannisters.
So don’t try here try on the labels at least partly a family car. Even relatively close BMW 4 background on the RC looks the height of practicality – after all, there back sofa has a functional load. In this sense, RC is closer to the ideology of sports cars Porsche — “it is Beautiful and just for me!”.

This is a selfish machine, which is designed to entertain. The apotheosis of kitsch — sliding instrument panel configuration F-Sport. And even if it is hundred percent and is a toy, but all RC, from the headlights to the tail lights is pure fun. So this option complements it perfectly. But the first hundred stops at the traffic lights you will be guaranteed to alter the look of the cockpit, watch the transformation and to imagine himself as a pilot from Star Wars.

However, from the standpoint of personal comfort, the RC is not trying to play in a sports car track. Urban cycle and the tube is absolutely not exhausting. This is primarily a Lexus. Despite the claimed sportiness, the suspension is very comfortable. Work box in combination with a steering wheel and pedals are not played to excess in the sport and demonstrates a remarkable flexibility in any situation. RC will not twitch in traffic, but if necessary, will be accelerated for 6 seconds to a hundred. In these cases, there was not a superfluous all-wheel drive, but thanks to a variety of electronic assistants, Lexus does not allow its 317 horses under the hood to send the rear axle in a tangible drift. In most cases, the basic comfort mode is universal. Here Eco is only of theoretical interest, and Sport is not as pronounced as I would like. Yes, perhaps despite outward appearances, the RC lacks a little more anger.
It is likely that this role is assigned to the modification of the RC F, but that’s another story. On the other hand, a sports car for every day and should be universal. Then this is the role of the Lexus RC very fit.


Dimensions l/W/h, mm: 4695, 1840, 1395
Curb weight: 1755 kg
Engine: petrol
Power: 317 HP
Acceleration to hundreds, h: 6,3
Drive: rear
Test fuel consumption: 13.9 l/100 km
The price of the basic configuration: 2 946 000,00 R.
Price of tested vehicle: 3 410 000,00 R. Read More →

Top five products for fall make-up to 200 UAH

Budget makeup for the autumn face-up. Read More →

Size plus: girls with womanly figures defend the right to be yourself

Approved: femininity, healthy attitude towards life and love is always in fashion. Read More →

Illness, for which you need to follow while you are young

When we are young, own body seems indestructible temple of the immortal warrior, which can carry any load and to overcome any obstacles. But even the most active and courageous of us are beginning to experience some health problems associated with age. And the less attention you pay to the state of his body in his youth, the harder it will be to cope with the mistakes of youth. Here are some of the most unpleasant and dangerous diseases, to monitor the manifestations of symptoms which is best to start with the youth.

  • The herpes virus

    Virus, Epstein-Barr, better known in our country as the herpes virus is the most common type in the world of virus. In the U.S., for example, up to 90% of adults have in the body the signs of this virus. Even if you don’t feel any negative effects on the body, it is better to check with your doctor.

  • Obesity

    Yes, excess weight soon becomes a problem not only of the American nation. According to researchers, the average person’s weight is growing steadily in many countries. The reason many justifiably called a habit of cheap junk food. If you do not look after their health and keep the body in the right form, then by age 40 you risk becoming round and untidy ball, without friends, family, work and prospects.

  • Baldness

    Unfortunately, as many as 67% of men sooner or later begin to lose your hair. Hair loss begins when hair follicles become sensitive to dihydrotestosterone. “This male hormone known as DHT is more potent than testosterone,” says Leon SP, FACD, PhD, and dermatologist from Canberra. Early signs of baldness that are not associated with a genetic predisposition, syndrome can become a serious disease.

  • Acne

    If you avoid problems with acne you can consider yourself lucky in this. Up to 85% of teenagers suffer from this skin diseases, and many children carry the problem into adulthood. According to a study at new York University, foods with a high glycemic rating will contribute to the development of acne. Try not to abuse the rice, potatoes, bread and sweets, if you have the prerequisites for this disease.

  • Dental problems

    Unfortunately, too many people sincerely believe that they can grow another set of teeth — if the old is really quite unusable. Gum disease, destruction of nerves, and costly surgery to replace the teeth — all this awaits those who do not want to draw attention to the problems with the oral cavity from an early age.

  • The human papilloma virus

    This is a very common sexually transmitted infection and does not, as you know, any good. Many strains of HPV do not manifest themselves outwardly in any way, but can increase the possibility of occurrence of various types of cancer. Condoms are the best way to avoid these problems.

  • Vision problems

    Quite many men aged 35-40 years are beginning to experience vision problems. Farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism most likely, trouble with the eyes you could notice in school, but I wasn’t paying attention. The sooner you consult a doctor, the more chances if you do not regain perfect vision, that, at least, to stop the process of spoilage.

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Video tutorial: how to make fashionable curls Beach Waves

Stylish and simple hairstyle in home conditions
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Yulia Proskuryakova gave birth to a daughter Veronica

Here came that day when Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova were the parents. The domestic media in eager rivalry share with our readers the latest news — Yulia Proskuryakova was born a girl. Read More →

Linda Evangelista is the face of the new fragrance by Moschino

Линда Евангелиста - лицо нового аромата Moschino
Supermodel Linda Evangelista turned into a housewife from the fifties in the advertising campaign of the new fragrance by Moschino Fresh. This image was chosen for a reason,… Read More →

In the congratulation Putin Timati hinted at Alina Kabaeva

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 63 years. Could not leave the country’s leader without congratulations and a famous rapper Timati. Have long known the special sympathy of the musician to the head of state, so nothing surprising in his desire to make Vladimir Putin a gift, no. Read More →