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Funny and touching congratulations on the anniversary of a young woman

Congratulation to young woman on her birthday is better to choose depending on her marital status, age and place of celebration. It is worth considering the form of congratulations. For example, postcards are better poems with beautiful compliments, and for a homely feast – original greetings in prose, with the mention of wise sayings or quotes of great people. But congratulation to young colleague, as a rule, proclaimed on behalf of the entire team and can be either in a humorous and in a very official tone, depending on the traditions and working atmosphere in the office. But, more importantly, to the selected greeting to the young lady was from the heart and expressed the warmest and most sincere wishes! Read More →

Overnight at the hotel should be better than at home — this axiom is known to any traveler. The bed in the hotel must be softer linen is clean and the sleep is stronger. But actually, overnight accommodation can be a challenge even for the strongest of nerves. Each of the hotel there is the opportunity to Express themselves — the options of bringing discomfort to clients much more than ways to ensure a good stay. Regarding satisfaction or dissatisfaction with hotels compiled many rankings, the most obvious of which is the list of most hated things that you can expect from hotels.

  • 10. Insufficient or poor lighting

  • 9. Uncomfortable pillows

  • 8. Unexpected fees

  • 7. Low shower pressure and water temperature

  • 6. Noise

  • 5. No heaters and temperature controllers

  • 4. The smell of tobacco

  • 3. Obsessive cleaning

  • 2. Excessive remoteness from highways

  • 1.Expensive and slow Internet

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4 signs that it's time for you to upgrade a haircut

As hair behave if they require rehabilitation
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The degree of openness: the stars of instagram in a Calvin Klein photo shoot

Five very beautiful, sexy and popular in instagram girls from Russia tried linen and denim jeans new collection-Calvin Klein Jeans & Underwear, took part in a photo shoot Glamour and told how to achieve success in social networking. Read More →

Tips from the Internet

I am constantly looking at various technical information on the blog. And today I saw that my blog came the girl (well I think it’s still not the man was) on the request of “can I wear flat shoes with a skirt?” I am a person who sees the big point is how the people put… Read More →

12 electronic watches that you will wear with pride

The first electronic watch in the 70-ies of the last century were so popular that even where more sophisticated smartvote in our day do not produce to the buyer any way approximate the effect. It is understandable — still digital breakthrough then was beat up the ranks of the Swiss watchmakers, but now it’s a little different niches and between electronics and mechanics is divided very clearly. At the same time, gradually becomes a good habit to have in your collection, along with the chronograph and smartwool, a couple hours everyday, one of which may be classical electronics. Today we found 12 pairs of numerical models, to wear that, despite the outright cheapness some, you will be with your head held high.

  • Casio Classic Digital Watch

    My first digital watch Casio has released 40 years after its founding, in the early 1980s. This recognizable retro style still attracts its uncluttered simplicity, and in the case of this particular model — and even the brightness of the design.

  • Casio Rose Gold Watch

    This model on our personal taste a little more refined compared to the previous one, if any, this characterization is applicable to a clock of this type. In any case, recognizable canons Casio observed that will definitely attract the attention of others.

  • Nooka K Digital Display Watch

    This ultra-light (about 40 grams) model from new York company Nooka has received the letter K in the name from the Japanese word meaning “light.” The dial of the clock is more like a configuration table tube radio, but this identification time to get used to and even addicted.

  • Nixon Time Teller Digi Watch

    In these hours from California brand Nixon buyer can engage fully customizable digital display, inscribed in durable silicone case that can be made in a variety of colors.

  • Nixon Unit 40 Watch

    Another same model from Nixon simple can not be called, because each indicator has its own slot on the dial. Unit 40 even equipped with a thermometer, along with standard features like calendar and alarm clock.

  • Braun Black Digital Watch

    The appearance of Braun Black Digital Watch, clean copy design smartvote, without any of the functionality, looks quite stylish, especially in combination with leather strap.

  • Void PXR5 Watch

    Watch brand Void, founded in 2008 by Swedish designer, is well established unique design watches. So this model with an elegant stainless steel case and a small digital dial in the middle looks quite unusual, due to the disproportionately large “lugs”, which are threaded nylon strap.

  • Ziiiro Eclipse Watch

    Watch brand Ziiiro recently already came into our field of vision, thanks to the cutting edge design of their watches. Regarding the same model Eclipse we definitely adhere to rave reviews, because to outdo her in the matter of minimalism, perhaps not succeed anyone.

  • Braun Classic Watch

    Other digital clock from Braun have this time round case with an elegant stainless steel strap with frequent netting. In addition, the model is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, which makes them quite versatile.

  • Void V01 Watch

    These watches look very pleasing to the eye, thanks to the geometric maturity of the housing, past the sand-blasted. V01 can go perfectly with a classic suit or with jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Braun Prestige Digital Watch

    Another square model from Braun gives under the demonstration date of its 100-year calendar, a good half of the screen. The other part, of course, takes the time display, but this is not important on the background of exquisite design models made of stainless steel with a matte finish.

  • Suunto Core Brushed Steel Watch

    Founded in 1930 in Finland, Suunto began with the manufacture of compasses, for civil and military purposes. Over time, they switched on the clock, but remained faithful to thrust to adding all kinds of features in their models. For example, Core Brushed Steel features a built-in barometer, altimeter, compass, thermometer, storm alarm and depth meter for snorkeling. Do all of this in everyday life? It is unlikely, though all depends on how active your lifestyle.

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Magazine: 4 interview with Ukrainian writers

Журнал: 4 интервью с украинскими писательницами
Non-fixin Irene Carp Satin bustier, Litkovskaya Photo: Kseniya Kargina “I always liked creed Yukio Mishima: you have to live as if… Read More →

For what was judged stars

Detectives and adventure — some of the most popular genres in all of cinema. Agree, little for what is so interesting to see how the confrontation stupid (usually) police and clever, cunning, charismatic criminal. Probably the motive of the anti-government inherent in every person on a subconscious level because we all aspire to primordial chaos. But where did you take the material for their roles Hollywood celebrities? To get used to the skin of the offender is not so simple, it requires experience. It turns out that a lot of guys, full consideration is given to the TV screens, this experience really is. Before you five famous American actors, each of which was judged — and some even repeatedly.

  • Danny Trejo

    What: drugs, gangsterism
    Total period: 11 years Let’s start simple. Danny Trejo, emblazoned on the screens as an unscrupulous killer-Mexican, studied acting at the American prisons — from new York to Omaha. The hard limit Trejo was in jail in San Quentin for armed robbery.

  • Colin Farrell

    What: charged with murder
    Total period: 2 weeks This murky and strange story happened with Farrell in my distant youth. The Sydney police have detained the future of true detective on suspicion of murder: Farrel had everything except an alibi. Moreover, multiple kid (and at the time of detention Colin was only 18), could not even remember where he spent the night. Fortunately, his bosom buddy kept detailed diary of the Australian adventure, according to which the night of the murder he Farrell was take ecstasy. The actor, of course released — but it’s not revealed until now.

  • Wesley Snipes

    What: tax evasion
    Total period: 3 years The winner of vampires and one of the main stars of “the Expendables”, Wesley snipes went to prison because of their pathological greed. He owe the government taxes on $ 15 million — for which he went to places of confinement for the next three years.

  • Mark Wahlberg

    What: drugs, racism
    Total duration: 2 years Wahlberg began using cocaine at 13. And 16, Zagorodniy not exactly high-quality goods, the actor went outside and began to beat the Vietnamese, shouting racist slogans. Tolerant Americans Mark awarded for two years of the colony, but he did just a month and a half.

  • Robert Downey Jr.

    What: drugs, robbery
    Total period: 4 months Star families often experience on their children rather strange methods of education. The father gave Robert the first joint at age six. Since then, Junior has never refused any drugs. This led him to prison: breaking the three-year probationary period, Downey Jr. was arrested really. True, only 4 months.

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Why autumn is the best time for strength training

It so happened that our body is functioning in close depending on the weather, seasons, corresponding weather, food, and other factors. The end of summer is a sad time, however, can be used with great benefit for themselves. The fact that autumn is the time of changes in metabolism that can provide for you a natural support in the development of muscles. In the fall of man is more disposed to weight gain and corresponding metabolism. We will talk about how to make maximum use of instinct autumn weight gain.

  • Vacation from vacation

    A little break from strength training in the summer, a sacred thing, especially if you have taken care of in advance and figure summer is not felt on the beach of guilt. Autumn is the best time to gradually get back in operation and to increase the load. It should be done as thoughtfully and intelligently.

  • Base awaits

    In order naidennye fall pounds not turned into fat belt, it is worth more to lean on the classic exercises, like squats, which should often and poraznoobrazney and to include in every workout. This will start your growth hormones in full and you will add a couple pounds miraculous muscle mass.

  • Sleep in the arms and legs

    Sleep and recovery are the components of success, and intensive training. In the autumn daylight hours shortened and sleepy more and more. Take advantage of this, but not to the detriment of the morning hours, but by early sent to bed.

  • Cover the carbohydrate window

    Since you are working in masonboro mode, try to satisfy the body’s need for high-quality carbohydrates. And don’t forget to eat after exercise is very useful for the acceleration of metabolism habit that should not be ignored.

  • Less cardio

    Of course, do not completely give up runs, and other classic cardio. Just try to use the heart muscle in interval strength exercises and other alternative methods.

  • Increase the amount of calories

    The increase in calories due to the net and quality of food is an indisputable rule of any athlete, regardless of the time of year.

  • Water

    Your metabolism has to work harder, so you need more water party all biological processes in the body. Water supports your metabolism because water has oxygen. Water never hurt anyone, so go to the water cooler more often.

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The wind grows stronger: how to wear knitted things in the early autumn

Cozy knitwear this season — not a gift for Granny, and designer creations. Wrap up in style, dress up wisely. Read More →