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Why we'll remember Azzedine the Alaya

The King of Cling — forever

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How to take a bath to get the maximum benefit

What to do in the bath, for this to be effective Read More →

Died Azzedine Alaïa

The designer died at the age of 77 years

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Certain: hairstyles that will survive any weather and will look stylish (+VIDEO)

What hairstyle to make, that lasted all day Read More →

Hairstyles for a Christmas party: 13 quick styling options (step by step)

Look and choose a fashionable hairstyle for new year party that are easy to create yourself
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Off-White has released a men's pre-fall

Virgil, Able gives battle to the seasons

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Poslepu: cotton massage or what you need to know about proper spanking face

What you need to know about cotton facial massage Read More →

How to wear a coat of Anna Karenina

…with a proudly raised head and scarlet accessories

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Choosing the right lip balm: composition and functions of the balm (+SELECTION FUNDS)

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How to choose concealer according to skin type: rules and tips

Find out how to choose the right concealer for your type of skin
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