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Streetstyle at fashion Week in Seoul

The final report from the East

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Halloween manicure: creative ideas for every taste and imagination

What manicure will you choose for Halloween? Read More →

Guests cum Fashion Show autumn-winter 2017

Oksana Ponomareva, Ksenia Chilingarov, Julia Rempel and other fashionistas in the front row

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Knitted hats 2017: the latest models

We know what hat you should wear in the cold
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Choose hairstyle in office: stylish, comfortable, fast (PHOTOS)

What hairstyle is better to make to work in the office? Read More →

Wendelborn spring-summer 2018

Kate Wendelborn makes sophisticated, feminine clothes, with the optimal for a very fashionable view with a number of flaws

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Mask from a pumpkin: 10 effective recipes for beauty

Find out how to use the pumpkin for hair, face and body
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Fashion my eyebrow: how did the idea of attractive eyebrows from ancient times to the present day

What’s wrong with the fashion for eyebrows? Read More →

Blindness spring-summer 2018

Young Korean Duo lives up to the name of his brand on the show the designers “blinded” models with wide-brimmed hats and balaclavas

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Hair transplantation: who needs it and what the consequences

What’s wrong with hair transplants? Read More →