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Experts have found a connection between heart disease and sex

Mutation of the genes that carry a predisposition to heart disease, passed down from generation to generation Эксперты выявили связь между сердечными заболеваниями и сексом Scholars from Australia, specializing in genetics, has discovered the connection between heart disease and sex.

Experts were especially interested in coronary heart disease (CHD). The exact cause of its occurrence is still unknown, and the danger from the disease is where the majority. In the course of studying the problem, the organizers came to the conclusion that KBS are associated with sexual function. By the way, multicellular living beings arise due to two factors – natural selection and sexual contact. In the second case, there is a more pronounced competition, dominated by stronger individuals.

Scientists examined the DNA of Europeans, Africans and Asians who have faced KBS. In the analysis of data was discovered the connection between disease and evolution.

Mutation of the genesthat carry a predisposition to disease, passed on from generation to generation. But the amazing thing is that the speakers of the gene have more chances of the conception and birth of healthy offspring.

According to experts, the reason lies in sexual selection. The body, knowing about probable heart problems in adulthood, at all costs wants to continue his race.
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Business jet with a transparent wall: high art of flight

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani and Airbus issued a joint model of a business jet Airbus ACJ319neo Infinito.
Feature a private plane became heated seats — passengers can imagine that flying through the air without any support.
The jet cabin designed for eight passengers. The Italians from Pagani have developed an office, a dining area, a relaxation room and even the bathroom.
The interior elements of carbon-titanium composite parts, expensive leather and aluminium.
The cost of the Airbus ACJ319neo Infinito is not disclosed. Known only to price the base model of the Airbus ACJ319neo — it starts from 99,5$ million. Read More →

My vacation makeup bag

I’ll tell you about my makeup bag for the just-concluded vacation. If the clothes I always try to take very little, then makeup, this trick will not pass. Suntan products, after-sun products, three million bottles of all sorts. And this despite the fact that I try to take multi-functional tools. In General, the phrase “pounds of makeup” is not a figurative expression,…

Recording of My release bag appeared first on Fashion blog.

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The famous supermodel was killed by a butter churn

Rebecca Burger, a popular fitness model and host of the own show was killed in his own house after the accident. In the hands of the girls exploded siphon for the preparation of downed cream.
Of the device got the girl in the chest. The blow was so strong that stopped the heart.
It turned out that Rebecca used the gadget brand Le thier Time. Investigators found out — the company have been repeated problems from this device. Read More →

Odessa Holiday Fashion Week-2017: the winners of the contest "look into the future" (photo)

Find out the winners of the XVIII all-Ukrainian contest among young clothing designers “look into the future”
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Born in a shirt: a journalist took a bullet in the neck and survived

Australian journalist, tells of the fighting in the Philippines, caught a random bullet in the throat and managed to survive. The country’s been switched on militants from ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).
Documenting the fighting between militants and local forces, Adam Harvey from ABC was ready to injury — as with all military journalists.

I felt a slight prick in his neck and decided that I was hurt by shrapnel — Adam Harvey

The brave journalist was quickly taken to the nearest medical center. X-ray pretty surprised the doctors, the bullet stuck right in the cervical vertebrae. Adam called his luck the miracle God quickly passed the recovery procedure and returned to work.

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Scientists have discovered what are the disadvantages of sex in space

During the study, it was discovered that intimate contact in zero gravity brings a lot of inconvenience. Instead of a pleasant sensation to an unpleasant discomfort Ученые выяснили, какие минусы секса в космосе Scientists from the University found out what sex in space. For information they have simulated the conditions of space and sexual intercourse. During the study, it was discovered that intimate contact in zero gravity brings a lot of inconvenience. Instead of pleasant feelings to unpleasant discomfort.

Expert opinions based on such information, as the inability to fix in a desired position due to the lack of gravity. For this you need special equipment and auxiliary accessories. Without it can’t hold any pose. Tonsof radnoti can occur even while kissing.

Another important factor is sweating during sex will hover in space, and interfere with the process. Another caveat is decreased libido. In unusual circumstances reduced the desire, and mentally prepare for sex is quite difficult.
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Founder BRANDSHOP told, as will be selling the adidas Yeezy Boost

Ilya Grebenshchikov, the founder and inspirer of the cult clothing shop BRANDSHOP, spoke about the conditions of the sale of limited edition sneakers, adidas Yeezy Boost. To buy the legendary sneakers are required to participate in online lottery, registration for which is open on the official website of the store.
The format of online lotteries was chosen at random. Of all the possible options — drawing on social networks, in store, online and free sale basis (camp) — this turned out to be optimal. Lottery in social networks is not credible large part of the audience and the joke in the shop or camp gather crowds and create a lot of inconvenience. One of the last drawings of brand shoes collected on the Petrovsky Boulevard, more than three thousand people. Online lottery does not have these problems. To participate you must register on the website to enter name, email, phone number and Shoe size. After confirmation of the application, the participant is given a unique number, which can be a winning one. Lucky numbers will be published on the website of the store — the winners will just have to come and buy sneakers dreams. BRANDSHOP is forced to sell on-trend shoes in a similar way as a limited edition could not satisfy the army of fans: a sneaker is not enough at all. The lottery is the only fair option. Of course, such actions cause a stir and cause a lot of issues. According to Ilya Grebenshchikov, the answers to most of them are contained in the terms and conditions. In order to solve a technical problem or to satisfy the curiosity of buyers that participate in the lottery for the first time provided e-mail address: BRANDSHOP experts will gladly answer any questions. The full interview with Ilya Grebenshikov here.
About the store:
The store brand clothes, shoes and accessories BRANDSHOP was founded in 2008. Currently the store features more than 200 world famous brands. It can be popular things, and the cult of exclusive models sold only in a few places on the planet: Barbour, Fred Perry, Norse Projects, Edwin, Stone Island, Nanamica, Mackintosh, C. P. Company. A special place in the catalogue BRANDSHOP is a large collection of rare fan of the Nike, adidas Originals, New Balance, Reebok, ASICS, etc. Contacts:
127051, Moscow, Petrovsky Boulevard, 21
+7 (495) 544-57-70
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Pedicure with rhinestones: a complete guide to most summer pedicure (+VIDEO)

Summer pedicure with rhinestones (PHOTO) Read More →

10 stunningly beautiful Actresses over forty

I think something is changing for the worst? Not at all, if you understand your body and know what to do. Take a look at these stars, many of which began their ascent in the distant 90-ies of the last (sic!) century. In fact, after overcoming the milestone of thirty years, they haven’t changed at all!

  • Manuela Arcuri

    52-year-old Mexican actress Manuela Arcuri this year took eleventh place ranking in the list of most beautiful women in the world. What can I say — absolutely deserved.

  • Leslie Mann

    In its 45 years, the American actress Leslie Mann remains charmingly attractive. Absolutely smooth skin, perfect taste and deep talent.

  • Cameron Diaz

    The charm of Cameron Diaz based on boundless self-confidence. Of course, even a little helps looks strikingly attractive blue-eyed blonde still prefers outdoor swimsuit any outfit.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Mother of two and an established star at the age of forty can be considered the main proof that age has no power over this beauty.

  • Elle MacPherson

    Who can give her 53 years? Ellie continues to perform as an actress and as a model. In addition, she is very successful in business and is now engaged in the development of the British franchise Next Top Model.

  • Sofia Vergara

    The Colombian actress recently won thyroid cancer — after an illness she became stronger. People magazine has repeatedly identified Vergara among the 50 most beautiful women in the world.

  • Madonna

    Madonna, it seems, is not going to go with the musical Olympus never. And why is it the greatest pop singer of the XX century and the best-selling singer of all times and peoples, what even has an entry in the Guinness Book of records.

  • Cindy Crawford

    Without a doubt, Cindy is one of the hottest women in the world. Iconic looks, prodigious, seductive look — who the hell remembers how old she is.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Time magazine named Jennifer Lopez the most powerful latina in the country. In 2012 Forbes included the singer in one of the most powerful celebrities around the world — timeless beauty j-Lo always pleases fans.

  • Niki Karimi

    It is considered that Oriental women fade early, but Niki Brown is a living example of the fallacy of this assumption. Iranian actress, Director and screenwriter in Hollywood at a Mature age.

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