Maldives vacations Vika Gazinskaya

Bright summer wardrobe in the background of a tropical landscape, diving and yoga on the ocean

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2017 Cannes: the closing Ceremony

The most beautiful dresses on the red carpet

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I — on vacation

My dear readers. The next three weeks I’ll be resting and posts will be considerably less. Of course, completely leave the blog for so long — I can’t. But I will write less frequently. Laziness and sleep win))) But I promise to return to take up posts with renewed vigor. So if you have any questions or topics about which…

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11 little-known processes occurring in our body right now

While we fully identify ourselves with his body, he on this account a little different views. You will be surprised, but along with breathing, contraction of the heart muscle and other functions, which man in daily life absolutely don’t need to remember right now in our bodies are created some incredible things that directly affects our behavior and well-being. And without our consent or even awareness of the changes. We have assembled a brief guide to the “machinations” of the body happening right under our noses.

  • Laughter kills the pain

    Next time you hit your little finger on the foot of the bed, do not get into a rage, threatening to cut the hell out of this crippling barrier, but try rather to sparkle with wit, noting that 5 such strikes and little finger will definitely become your secret military weapons. Most importantly, a natural laugh, to trigger the production of endorphins nervous system and pituitary gland, which will act as natural painkillers and help cope with the pain. By the way, positive people in General have a higher pain threshold, which proves the possibility of training yourself in yoga through fun.

  • Blushing redness

    A faint blush when frightened or meeting with someone who we sympathize with, is the reaction, in the opinion of Charles Darwin, the most human of all created by evolution. It is true that scientists can’t yet precisely say what exactly is the enlargement of the capillaries in the cheeks, where these smallest vessels more than in any other part of the body. This is probably some residual reflex, subordinate to the brain signals.

  • Earwax is a great cleaning agent

    Despite the fact that the person is trying to clean up their hearing from ear wax, it actually serves a very valuable purpose for our health. Being a strong antibacterial agent, sulfur will neutralize not only bacteria, fungi and viruses, but may even deal with quite a serious infection of Staphylococcus aureus! So don’t test too much on penetration of cotton swabs, and about the deep cleaning of the ears is also a good idea to forget.

  • The brain loses control

    Night sleep allows our body to rest and reboot, but the brain releases the reins of the body only during the REM sleep. For such phases the characteristic eye movements under closed eyelids, as well as heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure, the usual period of wakefulness of the person. For example, you may start to shiver to warm up a little in REM sleep, while the sleep period slow simply would began to freeze.

  • Our growth is changing throughout the day

    The maximum growth of our body has at the beginning of the day, as soon as we lifted it off the bed. Further, the fluid in the intervertebral discs throughout the day gives a small shrinkage in the role of a shock absorber for the human skeleton. The backlash can be from one to a couple of centimeters, but the night lost millimeters to return to you, so don’t worry.

  • Noisy head

    Now we’re not talking about Intrusive hum that can plague us after a noisy event, but the microexplosions in the skull, which sees in the moment when you’re just about to go to sleep. It “sees” as to our heads, this noise is irrelevant, as the fruit of the so-called exploding head syndrome. By the way, scientists have not found out that it may cause, but assure that no harm “booms” in the mind body bring.

  • Pharmaceutical plant inside

    We already wrote about the ability of some people to get drunk from a simple bread or sugar due to high content of yeast in the gut, but about the development of body aspirin hardly anyone ever heard. First of all it concerns those who eat lots of vegetables and fruits with a high content of benzoic acid. These people have a high concentration in urine salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in the composition of aspirin. You only have to figure out how to use this knowledge to your friends-vegetarians will be more reason to perk up.

  • Walking proteins

    Not only that, our body is continually updated so it’s still moving at the molecular level. This is due to the special proteins kinesin that like bees drag the molecules from one place to another, gradually literally swapping them. Scientists plan to use this discovery for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease, however, as it is clear only to them.

  • Fast and slow lanes in the brain

    Due to the fact that the neural cells of the brain vary in shape and size, varying from 4 to 100 micrometers (for comparison, the width of a human hair is 50 microns), the information inside of it is moving to a completely different speed. The relevant comparison here is with different lanes on a multilane road, but unlike the highway, in this way the brain is much less likely to lose valuable “cargo”.

  • We glow in the dark

    The list of animals that emit light in the dark, now it is possible to add and man. According to a 2009 article in The Guardian, Japanese scientists have successfully fixed with the help of super-sensitive camera is weak bioluminescent glow around the human body. Unfortunately, it is imperceptible to the human eye and hardly rendered great service to science, although it would be nice to do without highlighting the smartphone road in a dark alley.

  • The liver is the workhorse

    After the brain the liver is perhaps the most loaded organ in the human body, and even if that does not help. It performs about 500 separate functions, including albumin production and storage of vitamins. However, this multitasking has a single bottleneck, namely a tendency to a large number of diseases, to avoid most of which will only a strict diet.

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The wig is not needed: shampoo for hair growth (SELECTION MEANS)

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Became known, some products can replace sex

According to experts, food is, of course, are not able to fully replace sex, but some food is still able to help the body cope better with disappointment in the lack of intimacy Стало известно, какие продукты могут заменить секс Researchers from England conducted an experiment to find out whether you can do without sex, simply by adjusting your daily menu. As it turned out, some products really able to give the body virtually the same benefits as sexual intercourse, and the leader in this top was a banana.

According to experts, food is, of course, are not able to fully replace sex, but some food is still able to help the body cope better with disappointment in the lack of intimacy. Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that first of all should pay attention to the banana: once in the body, this fruit provokes the production of hormones of happiness. Among the latter is dopamine that gives pleasure, and serotonin, a hormone mood.

Bananas in the diet will help both men and women, but overly carried away with this product is still not worth it – you get the full effect of the change will not come, no matter how desirable. Unfortunately, nothing can 100% replace the emotions that occur during genuine sexual intimacy.

In addition, a rating of products, activating the production of hormones of pleasure, includes fatty fish, chocolate and milk. Adding them to your permanent diet, people will be able to remove the sexual tension and relax a bit.
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2017 Cannes: Premiere of the Thriller "Based on real events"

Uma Thurman and other guests of the red carpet on the penultimate day of the Cannes film festival

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7 popular and easy questions almost impossible to answer

Usually these questions come when turning in bed without sleep. They’re the kind that you can’t find a clear answer in Wikipedia, and even a request to Google baffled. With the lack of answers is difficult to accept, because science has almost all even able to explain for “dummies”. And although such knowledge of practical use, almost no, to suffer the search for answers is also not very nice. We decided once again to ask these same questions again and try to get answers.

  • Why ice is slippery

    You can answer in the same tone – because water is wet. And yet, how is it that on the strength of the ice can be compared with the stone, but no one would think to ride on the stone, even a perfectly smooth skating. For several decades, scientists have advanced several theories that could explain this property, but none gave the scientific community. For example, it is believed that slippery ice makes water film, which is formed during pressure on it. But to stand out, you need to lower the temperature of its melting point, and can’t handle even a very heavy athlete on skates. So the question remains open.

  • What causes turbulence

    Even Einstein could not answer this question, although honestly tried to solve this mystery for many years. Turbulence even called one of the most important unsolved mysteries in physics. It occurs not only in air but also in any flow of matter. But the problem is that it is impossible to predict – it is completely random. It is known that she has her reasons, but what are the forces that run it – is unknown to this day

  • Why is the moth to the flame

    Highly stupid behavior of moths that do fly to the light source and bump into the glass lights or burn in the fire, inexplicably. Entomologists are grappling with the issue of suicidal behavior of insects, for a long time and really do not understand why life does not teach them anything, and evolution is not forced to adapt already and finally stop killing yourself with such maniacal persistence.

  • How do magnets work

    Magnets – one of the most useful and practical technologies that are used in a variety of mechanisms. But how is it that they exist? Why do charged particles create magnetic fields? By the way, this applies not only to small household magnets, but the magnetic field of the earth as a whole, about which scientists know very little.

  • What is the length of coastlines

    Strange, but the geography can’t measure the coastline of any country in the world, so we don’t know exactly how many miles of our borders are along the sea. A special problem for Australia, because all of its border is coastline. That is why even its exact area is impossible to call. And in the US generally, there are two very different figures: according to one, the length of the coast of the United States 12 thousand miles, others – 97 thousand.

  • Why some people are left – handed

    The human brain is actually a mysterious thing, simply because the only tool to study cognition and the brain itself. Probably, therefore, still not known for certain why some people are lefties and some General ambidekstr. One of the assumptions associated with the location of the speech center in the brain, but the causes that affect it, still could not figure out.

  • What causes lightning

    Science tells us that lightning is a product of opposite electric charges accumulating in the clouds and creating an imbalance. But we still can’t understand how it happens and who, relatively speaking, it solves. Some theories talk about cosmic rays passing through the atmosphere bearing negative electrons, others blame lightning ice particles and gravity. But the consensus among scientists is not so far.

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6 strange, but natural things can give man superpower

99% of your genetic code is exactly the same as everyone else on the planet. Your genes determine the color of skin, gender, hair color and presence or absence of genetic diseases. But the remaining 1% makes all the more interesting. Specific genetic variations allow some of us have unusual features. This is how genes can determine superpowers.

  • ACTN3 and sprint ability

    We all possess a gene called ACTN3, but some variations help the body produce a special protein called alpha-actinin-3. This protein controls the fast twitch muscle fibers, the cells responsible for high-speed tension and flexion of the muscles involved in sprinting or weightlifting. In 2008, when geneticists studied the outstanding sprinters and athletes, they found that very few of them had two defective copies of ACTN3, a gene dubbed “the sports gene”.

  • hDEC2 and features sleep

    Imagine what you would feel superengine after only four hours of sleep. Some people are from nature. These people are called “melepasmu”, and only recently have scientists discovered the answer to the question what is causing such a low need for sleep. In most cases this ability is associated with a specific gene mutation hDEC2. This means that this feature is often inherited. Scientists hope to better study this phenomenon, so that in the future to turn the idea of the necessary amount of sleep.

  • TAS2R38 and taste sensations

    About a quarter of the world’s population can taste food more acutely than others. Such people are prone to adding milk and sugar into the bitter coffee and avoid fatty, oily food. This reaction, according to the researchers, programmed in their genetic code, in particular, in a gene called TAS2R38, which is responsible for perception of bitter taste. A variant of the gene combinations responsible for overly developed sense of taste, called PAV, and underdeveloped – AVI.

  • LRP5 and indestructible bones

    Bone fragility is a major health problem of our time. Researched identified the genetic mutation LRP5 gene that regulates the mineral density of bone tissue, which can lead to brittle and weak bones. Today, scientists have identified numerous mutations of the gene LRP5, related to bone health, including youth with primary osteoporosis. But a slightly different variant mutations of the same gene can lead to the opposite effect, giving some people a very strong, almost indestructible bones.

  • Invulnerability before malaria

    Suffering from sickle cell disease individuals (they have one sickle gene and one normal gene gemoglobiny) are more protected from malaria than others. Although this blood disorder is difficult to classify “supersposobnosti”, it may help science to make a breakthrough in the creation of means of struggle against malaria.

  • BDNF and SLC6A4 and super-consumers of coffee

    At least six different genes linked to how your body perceives caffeine. BDNF and SLC6A4 contribute to getting more pleasure from the taste of the coffee and are forced to consume it more and more. Other genes linked to how quickly the body metabolizes caffeine. Thus, there is nothing surprising in the fact that some people can actually drink a couple cups of strong coffee and, as if nothing had happened, go back to sleep.

  • CETP and low cholesterol

    Although the environment (including what we eat) and affects the level of cholesterol, genetics also plays an important role here. Mutation of the gene responsible for the production of a protein called CETP, leads to a deficiency of this protein in the body. This deficit is associated with the presence of a high level of “good” cholesterol that helps deliver cholesterol to the liver to bring it out of the body, which leads to low total cholesterol. Studies have also found a low prevalence of coronary heart disease among people with scarce a mutation of the CETP.

  • ALDH2*2 and super-blush

    Habit to blush after the slightest dose of alcohol that bring so much inconvenience to their owners, could be the result of the activity of the gene ALDH2. This mutation prevents the liver enzyme to convert the alcohol to acetaldehyde to acetate. When acetaldehyde accumulates in the blood, it promotes disclosure of capillaries, which is outwardly manifested as redness of the skin. Acetaldehyde is also considered a carcinogen, so drinkers are affected by this mutation are more likely to develop cancer of the esophagus.

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Nutritionists: popular salad of cucumbers and tomatoes is harmful to health

Simultaneous use of tomatoes and cucumbers instead of good causes gastrointestinal tract, and considerable damage and can lead to some unpleasant problems Диетологи: популярный салат из огурцов и помидоров вреден для здоровья Scientists specializing in healthy eating, I came to the conclusion that one of the most common salads is fraught with danger for the digestive system.

As it turned out, the simultaneous consumption of tomatoes and cucumbers instead of good causes gastrointestinal tract, and considerable damage and can lead to some unpleasant problems.

The fact is that the body spends on the digestion of these vegetables the absolute different amounts of time. As a result, in the stomach there is an imbalance of cycles of fermentation, which leads to violation of digestion of sugar and the appearance of difficulties with the digestion of starches. So, fans regularly eat a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes in large quantities’t know what the bloating, pain, cramps and edema of the body.

Plus, experts on a balanced diet not recommended to use a pair products such as meat and cheese, bread and orange juice, and bananas and milk. And even though the latter tandem is often present in the usual menu of most athletes, is to listen to the nutritionists and do not lean on milk-banana smoothies to eliminate unnecessary burden on the digestive tract.
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