Pirosmani autumn-winter 2016

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The best concepts BMW over 100 years of existence

Few people knows and remembers that the place is now a century in BMW’s legendary “German Troika” by the end of the 50s to become vacant, and the world would plunge into sadness, never seeing the M5, M3, CSL and many other “Bavarians”. Of course, competitors would have done day of the fall of the concern red day corporate calendar, but the automotive industry would be markedly different without the legendary “nostrils”. Their salvation mark obliged humble BMW 700 and its Isetta predecessor, in which the audience saw the potential, giving the company the opportunity to grow and experiment. It attempts to breathe new into the industry the Bavarian company and worked his way to the hearts of millions of people, and it’s definitely a good reason to take another look at nachalnye subjects and, of course, a wonderful concept cars from the recent history of BMW.

  • 1969 BMW Spicup

    Presented at the Geneva motor show 1969, this car was the brainchild of design house Bertone. That’s where the car decided to equip the sliding panels of steel on the roof, “face”, awful lot like time on the Alfa Montreal and the Lamborghini Espada, and a 2.5-liter engine of its own production. By the way, the exhibition Spicup concept a couple of years ago was sold, so the chance to see him in the street negligible, but still there.

  • 1972 BMW E25 Turbo

    The predecessor of the BMW M1 was specifically built for the summer Olympic games in Munich to test advanced technologies like radar warning system for pedestrian collision or a curb. A predetermined direction in the design of the E25 Turbo was picked up in the future, not only M1, but also the 8th series and even the Z1 Roadster.

  • 1991: BMW Nazca

    This design debut 26-year-old Fabrizio Giugiaro, who drew inspiration from Formula One and the camp of the Group C racers, need to get used to correlate it with the image of a classic BMW. Very light, 1100-pound concept with carbon fibre and panoramic 360-degree view from the cabin was very comfortable with the landing door, is made in a “gull-wing”.

  • 1995: BMW Z18

    About this experiment to create off-road Roadster was released in the series, fans of the brand for over 20 years I beg you BMW, even despite its rather strange appearance. That’s what “hooked”.

  • 1999 BMW Z9 Gran Turismo

    A kind of test flight, which marked the return of the 6-series modern line was made by Chris Bangle and presented to the public in 1999. Here again, we see the Gullwing and ask a fair question: why the hell these doors are not fitted to any production model 6-Series?

  • 2001: BMW X Coupe

    From culture shock that visitors of the Detroit motor show of 2001 was experienced due to the X Coupe concept, they can’t recover to this day. BMW has challenged preconceptions and pushed the boundaries of reasonable, normal by bending a stick with a boot, which performs almost the entire rear of the body.

  • 2006: BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia

    When creating this project, the BMW designers, apparently, fit into the image of Chicago mobsters from the 50s, prone to futuristic fantasies. Indeed, the car looks cosmically retrospectively, although the features of a classic 328 in him not to strangle nothing.

  • 2007: BMW Concept CS

    Smooth lines, not misleading, however, misled as to the explosive nature of the power plant in this car is combined with a low landing and a shark “nosed” profile. Commensurate with 7-Series and the Concept CS was on the verge of series, but in late 2008, this idea had to be abandoned due to too much enthusiasm from the audience. Perhaps in vain.

  • 2008: BMW GINA

    Simple words regarding this model over, it is worth mentioning that it is based on the platform of the Z8 Roadster. Then there is a continuous flight of fantasy design Chris bangle, emphasizing that in the future customers will be able to shape the look of their cars. Leather upholstery on the outside is very cool, but probably too bold for the time when every bully can be a knife or scissors.

  • 2008: BMW M1 Hommage

    In the same year, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of M1, the first true supercar to BMW, the company unveiled at the Concorso d’eleganza literal homage to a legendary car. The same proportions, the same earthiness and Ritualist 70s, but served in a sauce of hot flamenco design Chris bangle.

  • 2009: BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

    One of the most debated concepts at that time promised “sweets without consequences” or simply — high performance with minimal CO2 emissions. Sounded unique numbers less than 100 g/km at a power level M3, but these numbers have been exceeded in the i8, however, is much later.

  • 2011: BMW Vision Connected Drive

    VCD was tested on almost all the technologies smart car — projection 3D display, the browser predicts the situation in the area that you are currently passing, and, of course, visible in the first place led lights to the vehicle body.

  • 2011: BMW 328 Hommage

    Another tribute to the company its history has represented a reincarnation of the iconic racing car BMW, reincarnated in the body of carbon fiber and reinforced plastics with a 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine instead of the heart.

  • 2012: the BMW Zagato Coupe

    Debuting at the Concorso d’eleganza, this car was assembled by hand as well as 328-s sports cars in the 30-ies of the last century. Despite the fact that the concept of Vmax, in which this model was written, implies that it must first to go, designers are well-diluted before Bavarian classic elements like double “waves” on the roof and the famous Kamm-tail.

  • 2014: BMW Vision Gran Turismo

    At the moment the only drawback of this concept is that it is created only in virtual space specifically for the game Gran Turismo 6. Digital sports car, of course, is simply magnificent performance weight (1180 pounds), the ideal distribution of the axle loads and excellent performance in the presence of 3-liter six-cylinder engine. So we agree even slightly reduce the degree of expectation, if only the concept ever went on a real racing track.

  • 2015: Hommage 3.0 CSL

    Once the original CLS forever took his place on the walk of fame, BMW, creating in his explanation of the concept, it was necessary to try fairly, in order to somehow be remembered. This “Canary salute”, bulging at the Italian Villa d’este Concours, coped with the task completely, forcing everyone to forget about “the Batmobile”, as differently styled classic CLS.

  • 2016: BMW Vision Future i Interaction

    It is logical that the clot was not presented at the auto show and Consumer Electronics Show — so many innovative ideas and their embodiments in a simple, but necessary details. Most of them directly relates to how the driver interacts with the car and all your electronic gadgets. For example, this concept for takes control, is only the call to enter the phone, and a giant electronic panel control understands the gestures of the driver and passenger.

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The fragrance is like a Sicilian dessert, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita

Juicy grapefruit, tart pear, sweet apricot, spicy bergamot, a bit of ice and Italian granite ready

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Laconic four-leaf clovers Blossom Louis Vuitton

Gold, pearl, gems and tiny diamonds and in the feast, and in the world

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8 hottest trends of spring through the eyes of the editors of Glamour

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Caitlin Jenner — the new face of the sport line H&M

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The lessons of healthy paranoia

Unfortunately, paranoia is a real scourge of modern society. Suspiciousness, invented danger and constant thoughts about the past exhaust the people, bringing many to the very real mental disorder. The situation is compounded by unhealthy lifestyle, giving you even greater burden on the already oppressed psyche. We will try to give some simple but effective tips that can help you get rid of the tiresome feeling of danger and begin to live more peacefully.

  • The problem is

    Not everyone is willing to admit the existence of a problem at all. Many people prefer to hide our heads in the sand until the time is really late. If you constantly think that others are against you, and your every statement is perceived in bayonets, if envy is the engine of your life, and the uncertainty and mistrust do not leave never — do not try to take it for granted. Understanding the existence of problems is the first step to its solution.

  • The reasons for the mistrust

    Try to understand why you stopped trusting people and that it scares you. Often simple fixing your feelings on paper can help to understand the artificiality of the problems and reduce the level of paranoia. Understanding how you respond to external real-world stimuli, will reveal the difference of reactions to stimuli perceived, which will help the latter to simply ignore.

  • Heavy past

    Swamp past deeds addictive for many people. The constant rehashing your mistakes and failures is transformed into perverse fun. The brain spends all the resources again and again moduliruya useless, already used to the situation. First of all, to get rid of paranoia, you need to quit at all — however difficult it was.

  • Sport and food

    Irritation and suspiciousness arise in a tired mind. The moral exhaustion, in turn, often cause by external factors: the lack of adequate rest, lack of vitamins, sporadic sport activities. Try, as the first measures of the struggle with paranoia, recycle your lifestyle. You’ll see how these simple steps will clean your mind.

  • Professional help

    An independent analysis of behavior — a wonderful lesson, but go to a professional and still have. To get rid of paranoid thoughts myself almost impossible. There is nothing wrong to go to a psychiatrist. It will help you to understand yourself and understand how to solve this problem.

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Ancient secret societies, extant

Secret of combining people with the same interests arose from the ancient times and formed the basis of the current social order. A secret organization, and accessed solely at the invitation of one of the participants, existed in pre-Christian times, and with the development of culture blossomed magnificent color. Not always such societies pursued definitely a good cause. Some of these secret societies were able to survive the century.

  • Opus Dei

    Closed religious organization founded in Madrid in 1928 by the Catholic priest Jose Maria de Balaguer escriva. The purpose of Opus Dei is to help believers find Holiness in everyday life, doing ordinary earthly Affairs, in particular professional activities. The means of achieving Holiness remain controversial. The leadership of the organization to carry out “numerario”, taking on various obligations, including celibacy.Many of the members of a society practice self-flagellation and the wearing of chains.

  • The Priory Of Sion

    The Priory of Sion, a fictitious secret society that supposedly exists in Europe. The Priory was registered as “independent knightly brotherhood, professes the traditional Roman Catholic law”. The purpose of the Priory was declared “the restoration of the ancient chivalrous spirit, the desire for knowledge and strengthen cohesion”.

  • Tight

    Tight (the Stranglers) — medieval Indian bandits and robbers, who devoted himself to the service of the goddess of death and destruction Kali. Tight enjoyed special identification marks and jargon. Many believe that tight a secret society exists to this day. From about the twelfth century gang tugov in the Central part of India was robbing caravans and killing travelers. According to the historian William Rubinstein in the period between 1740 and 1840 years tight killed 1 million people.”The Guinness book of records” refers to their account for two million deaths.

  • Druids

    The priests of the ancient Celtic peoples performed the functions of judges, studied healing and astronomy. Their society was secret and join it by invitation only. Many fans of the druid culture today recreate the likeness of magical orders and advocate the theory that the tradition unbroken from the earliest times.

  • The Order Of The Temple Of The East

    International occult-religious organization sushestvuyet since 1902. Originally conceived as a Masonic Academy, which would reflect the symbolism of several occult communities, the organization has become the carrier of the teachings of Thelema under the guidance of occultist Aleister Crowley. By far the most numerous branch of the order is located in California and includes several thousand members.

  • The Rosicrucians

    Secret mystical society founded in the late medieval period in Germany. Contains a doctrine built on esoteric ancient truths that are hidden from the common man, provide insight into nature, physical universe and spiritual Kingdom, which is partly symbolized by the emblem of the brotherhood of the rose blooming on the cross.

  • Assassins

    A secret sect of assassins within the Islamic currents of the Ismailis, went down in history during the Crusades, when the assassins were opposed to the newcomers from Europe. Today, the image of the assassin is actively used in computer games and cinema.

  • The Order Of The Dragon

    Knightly order, founded in 1408 by the king of Hungary Sigismund of Luxembourg for the protection of the Hungarian Royal house from internal and external enemies, and the Catholic Church from heretics and pagans. Participated in society and Vlad II Dracul, father of Vlad Tepes, who served as the commander of the border troops, guarding the passes through Transylvania. Nickname Dracul was given to him because of the fact that he was a member of the order.

  • The Thule Society

    The name Thule comes from the name of a mythical Northern country from Greek legend. German occult and political society emerged in Munich in 1918. The main theme of the research society was the origin of the “Aryan race”. Country Tula was located the ancient Greek and Roman geographers in the far North.Members of the society believed that Aryans were the superior race that allegedly existed in the prehistoric era on the legendary continent of Atlantis. The myth says that the inhabitants of Thule were the descendants of Aryans, survivors after the sinking of the mainland.

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School shopper — my new experience and a lot of useful information

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Personal experience: what you need to know about the fillers based on hyaluronic acid

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